Why is Coaching critical in today's
business context?

Why Lighthouse Coaching?

How Coaching Works?

Coaching is a journey and process involving different stages. Each of the stages comes with different objectives and steps. This provides the coach and coachee a clear framework on how to plan out and determine their coaching sessions.

The Outcome of Coaching

Coaching has many beneficial outcomes both on the personal and organisational level.

On the organisational level, coaching support & empower organisations to:

On the personal level, coaching inspires & enables individuals to:

Engage with their employees.

Establish and take action towards their goals.

Identify and develop their potential talents.

Empower their employees to take responsibility.

Motivate employees to excel & improve their work performance.

Identify employees' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOTs).

Demonstrates commitment & care of the organisation to grow their people.

Enhance career and life satisfaction.

Improve interpersonal skills.

Cultivate a sense of responsibility and accountability.

Become more self-reliant.

Learn how to work better and more productively with others.

Learn how to contribute better to their team and organisation.

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