Our Coaching Services

We aim to bring the best coaching services to our clients in order for them to achieve breakthroughs in different areas of their life.

Coaching comes in various forms, whether is 1 to 1 coaching or group coaching, each with their own target audience and unique purpose.

At Lighthouse Coaching, we provide the following types of coaching:

Life Coaching

Life coaching is designed to help individuals understand themselves better. It is especially helpful when you need help in:
i. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses,
ii. Exploring what you want in your life, and
iii. Finding ways to achieve your goals.

Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is about attaining the best performance in every desired aspect of our clients’ lives. Thus, the main priorities of performance coaching are:
i. To improve an individual’s performance,
ii. Provide them with both challenges and support, and
iii. Improve their effectiveness and productivity at work.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is good for employees in leadership roles, such as senior managers and directors. It can:
i. Enhance your performance,
ii. Take your talents and abilities to a higher level, and
iii. Help you adjust to new situations at work.

Business Coaching

In business coaching, we focus on helping business owners and entrepreneurs with their day to day operations. Business coaching can:
i. Help you reflect on, and improve your business vision and strategic direction.
ii. It can also help you identify potential growth and success opportunities for your business.

Career Coaching

Career coaching helps people understand their developments, both personal and in the workplace.

It focuses on:
i. Skills assessment,
ii. Understanding the job market,
iii. Identifying suitable career roles and opportunities, and
iv. Developing career plans.

Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching aims to help individuals, couples and groups build healthier and more fulfilling relationships. It focuses on addressing relationship challenges by focusing on:
i. Conflict resolution, and
ii. Effective communication techniques

Leadership Coaching

Why coach your leaders and managers? With Leadership Coaching, you can:
i. Develop and improve your managers’ leadership skills,
ii. Resolve conflicts among team members, and
iii. Correct problems involving your managers’ behaviour or other issues.

Group Coaching

Group coaching focuses on making the best out of the experiences of everyone in a group.
With group coaching, you can:
i. Enable new employees to develop their skills as they get used to the working culture.
ii. Develop your talents by giving them a chance to practice what they learn in the workplace, and
iii. Engage your employees as a group to find solutions for challenges faced in their daily operations.

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