The Benefits of Coaching

Our clients also ask us: “Is there more to coaching than just its importance to my organization?”

Our answer to this question is: “YES”.

Let’s understand the benefits that organizations can obtain when they invest into coaching in the workplace.

But before that, here's a quick refresher on why coaching should be a top priority in any organization:

  1. Coaching creates intrinsic motivation in your employees.

  2. Coaching improves our employees’ performance.

  3. Coaching creates stronger team bonds.

  4. Coaching helps our people develop problem-solving skills.

  5. Coaching increases our organization’s employee engagement rates.

Here are some of the top benefits that coaching brings to your people and organization:

  1. Coaching allows our people to establish goals and act towards achieving them

  2. With a coach’s assistance, our people are able to define realistic career goals.

  3. For example, what are their short term and long term goals in their current workplace.

  4. Once their goals are defined, a coach can also assist our people as they work towards their goals.

  5. This is done by building our people’s skill sets, as well as modeling their professional behaviour.

  6. Coaching increases our employees’ engagement rates.

  7. When we provide coaching to our employees, we are also providing feedback and encouragement to their efforts.

  8. They will feel that they are appreciated, and become more engaged with their work.

  9. As a result, they can contribute more effectively to their team and organization.

  10. Being engaged also leads to employees becoming more loyal to their workplace and less likely to quit their current jobs.

  11. Coaching creates empowered employees.

  12. When we provide coaching to our employees, we also help them come up with creative solutions and ideas.

  13. These ideas can then be used to make decisions that improve our employees’ workplace, or the company.

  14. As a result, our people become more confident and proactive at making decisions that will benefit our company in the long run.

  15. Coaching helps foster positive communication.

  16. Coaching provides our employees with the chance to speak out and discuss issues and ideas at work.

  17. Through coaching, leaders can also identify areas that need improvement and take the necessary actions needed to improve these areas.

  18. All of these actions will lead to meaningful relationships between us as leaders and our employees.

  19. This also extends to our clients too, as we are able to better pinpoint their primary concerns and give them quality services.

At Lighthouse Coaching, our main objective is to help our clients to reap such benefits mentioned so that they can propel in their career, their relationship and their life? If your answer is “Yes”, talk to us today and let us assist you in the process of coaching your employees!!

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