When should people turn to coaching?

Coaching has now become a rapidly-growing field and industry. According to Forbes, coaching is estimated to be a $2 billion global industry that is rapidly growing, as evidenced by a dramatic increase in coaches, professional coaching organizations and coaching-related research. Many have talked and shared about the importance, benefits and also the ‘Whys’ of Coaching. But today, let’s discuss the ‘When’. “When should people turn to coaching?” As a business owner and leader of an organization, how can we have a different perspective towards the idea of coaching?

“When should we turn to coaching?”

1. When you as a leader believe you and your people have the potential to thrive and to propel

Everyone of us has various gifts and potential, but it takes someone to see it, believe in it and help us to unlock those potentials. Knowledge is not power. Instead, its real power is how we make use of, and apply that knowledge into our lives. We may possess a lot of knowledge at times, however, it is only when our learning is translated into solid action that we can elevate our lives and businesses.

I once heard a leader put it beautifully, “The fruits of our gifts are much more important than the gifts itself.”

The key is not only to know our gifts/the potentials of our people, but to discover the areas that our gifts/potentials can make a difference or the most impact in the organization. This is where the role of a coach comes in, to help the leader and their people in the organization to tap into their unseen gifts/potentials and to channel them into their work in the most impactful ways possible for the benefits of the company and the business.

2. When you, as a leader, care for your own and your people’s wellbeing

Looking at the increasing rate of mental/emotional health challenges today, advocating wellbeing at work is indispensable. The need to be understood, respected, loved and appreciated are all part of human essential needs. As we know, most of our time living is spent at work. Imagine going to work every day in a healthy, happy and purposeful working environment, how much of a significant difference this will make to a person’s life.

Moreover, work is no longer just for the sake of work or just for the sake of money. There is more to work than just clocking in the daily 9-5 routine or getting the paycheck at the end of the month. Today, what matters more is to be able to explore and understand what brings the most satisfaction and fulfillment in a person’s life, family, career, friends and community living. We all have different values (things that are important to us) in different areas of our lives, hence neglecting that is not only unhealthy to one’s well being, but also to the organization’s in the long run.

3. When you as a leader and your people needed clarity to move forward

We all know that clarity is a great asset in life. When we feel we are heading nowhere, that’s when a coach can help. This is simply because we all have blind spots, things perhaps others could see but we have missed out. Allowing someone to point out what we’ve been missing is necessary and also important for us to move forward.

A coach is like a new pair of eyes, helping us to gain insight into the areas we can improve or make progress, or at times the areas that we are not showing any progress despite all the time and effort spent. With such a new perspective, it helps to shed new light on our current circumstances, and lead to potential breakthroughs for us.

4. When you, as a leader, need continuous support from someone you can trust in your journey to a better self, which leads to the betterment of your organization and business.

I know I said three in the beginning, but let me give you a fourth point!

Courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to do something even when you are scared and believe it or not, we all can do scared. We just need someone to give us that push or little nudge or even to hold our hands as we go along. A coach is what we are here for. Coaching is a process, a journey, and most of all a relationship, between a professional coach and a leader. A wise teacher once said, “Sometimes we do have to face challenges on our own, but we don’t necessarily have to go through it alone.” Because a coach is here to tell you, “Hey, I got your back and you got this, I believe in you!” Tell me, which successful leader does not have a morale booster, a trusted friend, and most importantly, a reliable coach?

Do any of the above resonate with you as a leader? Are you also the leader looking for a breakthrough in your current circumstances and to bring the people of your organization as well as business to the next level? Reach out to us today at Lighthouse Coaching, our team is ready to assist and to help you to find the right coach for your success!

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